What are you afraid of? Have you ever asked yourself?

You think you aren’t afraid of anything, but you are wrong. Everyone is afraid of something or the other, some people just don’t know what is it that they are afraid of, but they are. Before going into the details, lets first know what “Fear” actually is.

Fear arises with the threat of harm, either physical, emotional, or psychological, actual or imagined. While conventionally considered a “negative” emotion, fear actually serves a prominent role in keeping us safe as it mobilizes us to cope with potential danger. When we are able to cope with the threat, it lessens or removes the fear we feel. Alternatively, when we are helpless in decreasing the threat of harm, it intensifies the fear inside us. 

Some people are afraid of the system they live in, some who are into illegal things, are afraid from the police, some are afraid from the government & its bodies who always suppress them, some are afraid of people who are at powerful positions, those who can do anything to you if they will, some are afraid of their teachers, parents, elder brother/sister, while others can be afraid of paranormal stuff too, which sometimes can exist and sometimes it can be just in their imagination. There are a lot of people who has the fear of God too, which can be both good or bad, according to the beliefs that we have.

All these fears are common, but the fear that people now need to have is about something else. The fear of killing animals, the fear of hurting others, the fear of being brutal, the fear of not being able to help the poor people and they staying helpless, the fear of cutting trees and destroying nature, the fear of abandoning someone, the fear of doing all those wrong things that are actually wrong but they don’t seem wrong.

Let’s together break this chain of being fearful of obvious things and not being fearful of things from which we actually should be afraid. Please stop controlling something or someone and let everyone be void of any kind of fear. Let’s be kinder than ever, empathetic than ever, and let this world be a better place to live in.