Welcome to the world of spiritual healing!

Spiritual wellness acknowledges your search for deeper meaning in life. It enables your ability to deal with life’s ups and downs and bounce back from respective difficulties. As you start to grow spiritually, you realize how much necessary it is to cultivate compassion and understanding. When you are spiritually healthy you not only feel more connected to the power, but to people around you and most importantly yourselves.

At Light n Mystic we wish to cheer up your life through the means of physical, emotional and spiritual healing with different modalities. We believe that spirituality always plays an important role at every step of your life.

We sell various products that will help you heal such as crystals based products, oils, candles, and salts. All the products are customized and handmade with love, light and programmed energy. Shop with us and become a part of our little spiritual family. Help us spread love and positivity to the world! Remember: Every item you purchase, is a sign of the universe answering your prayers!.

Looking forward to a lightning journey with you all!!